About me

Hi, my name is Maxime Lefrancois and I’m from Montreal. I speak both French and English.

I’m a programmer and I also do web design in my spare time. I’ve been doing this for more than 8 years and I still find this kind of work really fun.

Beside that, I draw and play the guitar whenever I can.

This is version 4 of my website and for it I did a lot of development, I create 2 plugins for it (I’ll make them available soon-ish). One is a Social Account option page and it’s used in the footer of this website. The other one is a Custom Post Type – Page Linking Module, it attach any type of post to a page, this way the URLs are pretty and can be deeper than 1 level. In other words, it making a page behave like a Custom Post Type Archive page.

This version of my website is the latest and I think it’s the best so far.

For your pleasure, take a look at the previous designs (don’t cringe to much, please).

Version 3


I took the general idea of my version 2 and then tried to “pimp it”. Also, I added a “latest work” section since I had a couple of websites done for clients.

Version 2

This is where I started programming with the WordPress API. I created a simple Twitter feed fetching plugin to show my latest tweet. Little did I know that was the real moment when my love for WP started.

Version 1


First version of my website (with WordPress). I knew a little about Javascript and I had enough experience with Photoshop to try things. This version was more bubbly/happy than the current version (v4) and even though I shows it age, I still kinda like it.

Version … geocities


At the time, I barely knew any javascript or “good taste” in web design. Though, during the geocities time, not that many people knew about “good taste” design wise.