Day #1 – Just chilling

So for the first day, we walked a lot in San Francisco with Malea and Eli. We shopped at the Buffalo Exchange (it a friprix with really cool clothes), ate at this restaurant called Yamo (3406 on 18th street near Mission) and it was heeEEELLLLLAAAAAAAaaaaa good! It’s a small (really small), the food is good and it’s rather cheap. You need to go there if you visit San Francisco.

We ended at Dolores Park and chilled there for a little more than half an hour.

I really taught that the weather here was really hot, but the wind is so strong that it’s freaking cold (soo happy to have brought some jeans with me, hehe).

To end our first day, we got a drink at Malea’s place, went to eat at Shimar (indian place) and decided we would cruise the bars in the area. Sadly, after the first one we were so full of our diner that we went back to sleep. hehe.

Great first day to be in San Francisco.