Day #3 – Alcatraz

So waking up was …. oh my gawd! Soo freaking hard! That day was our “tourist going to alcatraz day”, so I coudn’t sleep for to long and get all of my energy back.

At least, the day was sunny for the most part. We walked down Broadway to the port. We stopped at the Fisherman’s wharf before the trip to Alcatraz at 5h25 pm. This place looked so much like the Five Flags amusement park in Montréal. Lots of gift shop and restaurant and some walrus …. ok we don’t have those at Five Flags. We then went on the ferry and minutes later we were on Alcatraz. I must say that the audio tour is a must, cause you get to hear about the place by people who worked there and prisoners who were there.

Funny story, before getting on the ferry, a guy took a picture of Sofia and me …. but since we didn’t realized it at first, the first pic is us walking away :D

At the end of the day, another bar was in our schedule (a place called the Bar, where the drinks were 0,80$ on mondays for the ’80 night), but we were sooOOOOO dead that we went back to sleep at 10pm.