Day #5 – Berkeley & Oakland

We woke up rather early to see the most of those two other cities. We took the BART to Berkeley to find a really charming city. We did some shopping (got a guitar book and some gifts) and ate at Cheese board pizza where the pizza was …. in a word ….. awesome!

We roamed around the University of California just to see how huge it was. Also, we spotted some dinosaur at the museum of paleontology (woho! a t-rex!). We left rather fast Berkeley to get to Oakland for some heavy shopping before the store closes.

Sadly, Oakland was no fun at all :
We couldn’t find anything fun to do or great store to see. It was just like a big city with nothing fun for us. The only thing I got there was a sun burn!!!

A little deceived, we went back to funland (known as San Francisco, the city of freaking wind!!) and finally went to the castro (the gay village!!). Gay flags EVERYWHERE I could look. Now, I’m sure I’ll forget about nofunland (you know, that place called Oakland) in a sec.

Since the night before we were supposed to go at the Cafe but instead went to Orbit room, we decided to go see it this time …. but it was only 6pm, a little to early to cruise the bars for me. We made a stop to A bon port, a lovely cafe owned by Jeff (a friend of a friend). To our surprise, we spent a lot of time there talking to Jeff and two other people we just meet. The man was a spanish teacher (that makes me think, I really need to work on my Spanish) and the woman was a french/english teacher (I think). When the place got SO crowded by french people (it was a special reunion or something) we left.

To end the night, the Cafe (kind of like the Drug store in Montréal with a lot less pool tables) was our destination. I lost all the pool games to Sofia, but I did some really awesome shoots! Then, a guy named Micheal wanted to play against us. Him and his friend totally won every time … we sucked hard!

It wasn’t really subtle that the guy was kind of flirting with me (and to ruin the surprise, yeah he was kind of my man for the night). I must say that the guy was a little ….. crazy like in his reaction, but the conversations were really fun and not shallow at all. I took the guy’s phone number (yeah!! I have a place to stay when I’ll come back to San Francisco) and he left around 1h30 am (I know, I could have fallowed him, but I have my reasons … crazy reasons, hehe). The last 30 minutes, I spent it watching my friend dancing and having lots of fun with a certain somebody.

We got thrown out at 2am and I got kissed on the cheek (with the tongue also … not soo fun) by a random guy in the street who needed to light his smoke. We grabbed a snack at the nearest restaurant with that certain somebody I was referring to before and we met Curtis our waiter (he was cute and kind).

I forgot everything about Oakland, because of the fun we got to have in Castro!!! I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE SAN FRANCISCO, hehe.