Day #7 – Golden Gate Bridge

Like the other days, I woke up rather early (way before Sofia), so I had the chance to speak a little to Malea and Eli (we barely saw them because we were so occupied with our busy schedule).

Friday was supposed to be our Castro day (the gay district). Since we didn’t had time before to see the Golden Gate bridge, we added that before the visit to Castro. We also added the City light bookstore on Kearny, since it was on our way. At this bookstore, I bought 3 more books (damn! With all those new items …. how can I fit them in the luggage!!!).

To see the Golden Gage bridge, we took 3 buses and it all went smoothly. Sadly, we didn’t walked the bridge because of time constraints. To get back to Castro we took bus 29 …. what an error!! We spent more than an 1h30 in it with kids who just finished school (with them yelling) to get back to Mission District and then to Castro ….. I was really pissed, cause all that time stuck on the bus meant less time to see the gay village there.

Finaly back to Castro, we went back to Jef cafe A bon port to see him and eat a really yummy crepe. Jef was a little stressed, but I tried to change his mind with my SUPER skills to make people laught (i’m joking here if you don’t get it, hehe … I’m not that pretentious … well I think ;P). That’s was about it for the Castro sightseeing, cause we were meeting Malea at Orbit room at 6h30 for a drink. The mixologist there is really good and it’s a great show watching him making the drinks. Eli joined us a little later and an hour after we went to eat.

We tried this restaurant called Dosa that serves South Indian food. It’s mostly crepe with vegetables, spices and other things inside and it’s just AWESOME! Sadly, I ate a really spicy appetizer and my main dish was also spicy …… my mouth was burning! I drank a lot …. and I mean a lot of water.

For the final night in San Francisco, we decided to go to Transfer for the Bender night. Malea joined us, but since Eli was still a little sick, he instead went back home. The place wasn’t full but the music was really great! I guess friday’s night at Transfer are rather boring (I read that on and Bender was a new night there. I think it will be successful on fridays now for sure.

Around 1am, I convinced the ladies to leave the place (most of the people were leaving too) to spent the last hour at Jet for the Jet girl night. I taught this was kind of a lesbians night, but it turned out to be more of a pimp like type of night …… oups!!! my bad. But since we paid the 5$ to enter, we spent the rest of the night there.

After that so-so party, we were hungry, so we went to the same place that where we were 2 days ago (but sadly, the cute waiter named Curtis wasn’t there). There was so many people there (no wonder, the bars had just closed) that we needed to put our name on a list … to eat at 3am!! We talked about many things with the guys beside us and after we finally entered and ate our meal, we went back to sleep with a full stomach :)