Some freelance work for a hair salon

I’ve started working on a website for a hair salon here in Montréal. I’ve just finished the main draft and I have to say I’m quite happy with it, considering I’m a programmer and not a graphic designer (far from it).

Just to add a little wwwWOOOOW to the design, I’ve been searching for ideas on the web. I’ve check some other hair salon website in Montréal and I’ve got to say …. they look really bad. There’s this site that I used to get some ideas and I just ended laughing at most of the sites.

Finaly, I decided to use smashing magazine for this little wwwWOOOOW effect I want to add. Most of the showcase there are not about hair salon, but the design are really great. I hope to find real soon the little “plus” I trying to add.