Social Accounts

Social accounts is my first ever WordPress plugin.

It’s purpose is simple. It helps you display your Social Accounts either as a widget or directly in the content (with a shortcode or a theme function). This type of plugin is not the first, but I couldn’t find one with the behaviours that I wanted.

I thought that this kind of plugin should give you the possibility to change the accounts display order and the icons without too much hassel. On top of that, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to add accounts that are not in the pre-made list?

Also, when you’re a developer and you want to change the CSS, most plugin forces you with what THEY think is nice… and in most cases, it doesn’t fit with the design.

So, here’s my plugin and those are the current features:

  • Easy drag-drop of the accounts for re-ordering purposes
  • Swapping accounts icons with custom uploaded ones
  • Adding custom account (with custom images if needed)
  • Widget with 4 styles (icon & text, text only, titles only, no styling)
  • Shortcode [social_accounts]
  • Theme function the_social_accounts() and get_social_accounts()

Features to come:

  • Change the displayed name of the accounts done
  • WPML Support done
  • Set different accounts per users and display their accounts in the Author description
  • More parameters for the shortcode and the theme function
  • Get one 1 account info at a time (instead of a list)