Welcome San Francisco … finaly!

I can’t believe we’re finaly here!!!

We had the longest day ever yesterday! First off, after the Cruise Contol party (ended at 2h30 am), Sofia and me drove directly to Burlington (after a full day of work and a great party). The drive wasn’t that bad, but after getting into the US, I started to feel A LOT tired (thanks RedBull and Guru, you saved my life).

Our flight was at 1h38pm … but we arrived in Burlington around 6am ….. so we waited in a starbuck cafe for more than 5 hours (longtest time I’ve spent in a starbuck).

The first flight was ok! Everything went well! But the second flight, Philadelphia to San Francisco, was freaking painfull!!!

We boarded the plane at 4pm … and left 3 hours later!!! Right when we were ready to get in the air, there was a guy who had a chest pain or something like that and we waited about an hour to know why we weren’t moving at all. The plane returned to bring back the guy …. we waited again ….. the plane needed to be refuelled (30 more minutes of waiting). When we were all ready, we were informed that we were waiting in line to leave …. there was 31 planes before us (soooooo, an hour again of waiting). Also, there was no diner served during the flight and when we decided we would pay for food … there was none left (only pretzels were left). Long story short, instead of arriving to San Francisco at 7 pm … we arrived at 10 pm more than pissed off. I really don’t want to know how our flight back will be (never again American Airlines!!)

We taught we would miss our night in a new bar (Mighty) where Ellen Allien played, but we took a cab and arrived there with all our bags (that we left at the coat check, hehe, real funny) and we partied until 2h45 am with Sofia’s friends.

All in all, it was a freaking long day, but it ended real well.